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CIOKS 1022 Stack Flex Type 1 - (1022)

CIOKS 1022 Stack Flex Type 1 - (1022)

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CIOKS 1022 Stack Flex Type 1by CIOKS

With a CIOKS 1022 Stack Flex Type 1 cable, it's easier than ever to power your high-voltage pedals. All you have to do is plug the "Y" end of the cable into two outlets of your pedal power supply and the black plug into your pedal of choice. Using two 9-volt outlets will net you 18 volts of power for your pedal. Similarly, using a 9-volt outlet and a 12-volt outlet gives you 21 volts, and so on. This capability is incredibly useful for pedals with exotic voltage requirements, but is equally as valuable on standard 9-volt stompboxes! When powered by 18 volts of power, some fuzz boxes and overdrives gain more headroom, leading to a less compressed sound that some players prefer. But before you run extra voltage through your favorite pedal, make sure to call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer! They'll make sure you don't fry your favorite effects with too much power.

The CIOKS 1022 Stack Flex Type 1 power cable has a 2.1 millimeter Center Negative DC plug and measures 50 centimeters (19.685 inches) in length.

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