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Coppersound Pedals Captain Hook Octave Fuzz & Bosst | LIMITED EDITION

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Captain Hook Octave Fuzz & Bosst | LIMITED EDITION by Coppersound Pedals


Captain Hook is a limited edition 2-in-1 octave fuzz with an independent clean boost. It is the result of ideas that were brought to us by one of our artists, Zacharie Defaut. AKA Zacharie Hook. Zacharie was looking for a particular fuzz sound. After a little research, it was concluded that he was on the hunt for an octave fuzz, in the style of an Octavia. We had already begun working on a transformer-based octave fuzz when the dialog started. After the base circuit was laid down and tuned, we incorporated a tone section first. From there, a JFET boost network was placed on the input of the fuzz circuit. This helps to slam the front end for extra sustain and cut. Zacharie requested Gravity Bomb by name to stand in as the independent clean boost. Taking cues from Foxcatcher, we added an order toggle switch to allow the player to choose which circuit was placed first. The final result is a collaborative, limited edition octave fuzz & boost. View the videos in the tab below!

Dimensions: 4.72″ x 3.71″

Power Consumption: 9V @ 50mA | 18V @ 85mA