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KMMK SquarePlug SPS7-S (Black)

KMMK SquarePlug SPS7-S (Black)

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SquarePlug SPS7-SBK by KMMK


Color: Black

SquarePlug SPS7-S is an incredibly unique plug designed specifically for Y-cable.  It features a custom oblong shaped cable-exit to maintain even tension on the cable and prevent folding/twisting, which can cause unwanted stress on the solder joints.


  • Ultra-small body
  • Oblong shaped cable exit
  • Centered solder point for Tip, solder terminals for sleeve, and ground
  • Built-in strain relief
  • Main insulator is a high grade poly-carbonate (more durable and heat resistant than the plastic, nylon, or fiberglass used by other manufacturers)
  • Insulation sheet provided to prevent shorts to the body

These are designed specifically for Y-cable.

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