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Fairfield Circuitry Shallow Water (Special Edition #366)

Fairfield Circuitry Shallow Water (Special Edition #366)

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Shallow Water - Special Edition

K-Field Modulator

Elemental Différance
Essential Difference
Elementary Differentiation
Essentially Different

Oh the feeling of doing things without knowing the outcome.

I remember releasing the KFM thinking it wouldn't be that popular.

6 years and 10,000 units later, its creative captivation confirmed.

As a way of celebrating and honoring this milestone, we wanted to do something that we have never done, and that we will most likely never do again.

Something different, something that speaks to the spirit that initially inspired the KFM.


Special K-Field Modulator - (SKFM):

An edition of 500 KFMs

Each enclosure hand burned to play off the collisional possibilities of the themes of fire and water and to introduce an aesthetic aspect of chance and variation into the design process to mirror the ever wavering and often unpredictable sonics of the circuit itself.

The human manipulation of time in the burning process yields a variety of different looks and textures, some darker and more brooding, some lighter and more nuanced, making each enclosure distinct, much like the way the circuit of the KFM itself can be manipulated by affecting time in the sonic domain to produce either heavy handed shifting murk or lighter effervescent ripples of modulation, with each use case and end result shifting depending on the individual interests/desires of the user.

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