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KMMK SquarePlug SP550-S (Black)

KMMK SquarePlug SP550-S (Black)

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SquarePlug SP550-SBK by KMMK

Model: KMMK-SP550-SBK

Color: Black

SquarePlug SP550-S is the smallest 1/4" stereo pancake style soldered plug on the market.  It is 20% smaller than the previous industry standard Switchcraft #228 and projects by only 8.9mm, which is much less than any currently available soldered connector.

The PERFECT plug for use in tight spaces!


  • Ultra-low profile, small body (17mm x 28mm x 8.9mm)
  • Solder lugs for tip, ring, and sleeve
  • Main insulator is a high grade poly-carbonate (more durable and heat resistant than the plastic or nylon regularly used by other manufacturers)
  • Insulation sheet to prevent hot and ground signals from shorting

These require cable that is 4.5mm-6.2mm in diameter.

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