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Leprechaun Gold Instrument Cable (Vivid Violet)

Leprechaun Gold Instrument Cable (Vivid Violet)

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Leprechaun Gold Instrument Cable 


Leprechaun Gold Instrument cables are built in Canada using premium parts to ensure quality audio signal and a long lasting service life.  

Each instrument cable is skillfully constructed using Gotham GAC-1 Ultra Pro cable - an extremely low capacitance cable - and GH Abbatron Black/Gold High Clarity (HC) T/S plugs.

All Leprechaun Gold instruments cables are sleeved - not only do they look awesome, a sleeve also works to protect the cables from abrasion.

Color: Atonic Green




Gotham GAC-1 Ultra Pro

21 pf/ft

6.3 mm cable 

Dual Copper shielded @ 100% coverage


GH Abbatron BF Black/Gold

High clarity, gold plated, 1/4 mono plug

Copper core


MDPC Sleeve

Carbon Gold

Built in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


Limited lifetime warranty. 

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