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  • Mr Black Super Swell Classic Spring Reverb pedal.
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Mr. Black Pedals Super Swell Reverb

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Super Swell by Mr. Black Pedals


Classic Spring Reverb


Ride the pipe and carve the crest with all the over-the-top reverb drip and splash of an original vintage tube-driven outboard spring reverb tank, in a compact and easy to use pedal!

The SuperSwell is a faithful recreation of those sensational surf reverb tanks, from its control interface, to its response and feel, and above all else: the dripping-wet spring-tank reverb tone the SuperSwell doles out in spades!

Of course, the SuperSwell is easy to dial back for less radical and tamer amp-spring reverb tones, easily copped by simply by pulling back on the Tone and Mixer control settings.

Like all Mr. Black pedals, the SuperSwell quickly delivers the goods (and by goods we mean incredible tone) easily, intuitively, and dependably, so you can spend your time peeling the pocket.

Totally Tubular, brah. Totally.Tubular.