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Mr. Black Pedals Tapex 2

Mr. Black Pedals Tapex 2

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Tapex 2 by Mr. Black Pedals


Inspired by the old tape-echo devices of a time not forgotten, the Tapex 2 packs a hell of a punch in a compact, pedal-board friendly package. And it sounds like heaven too.

-Pure analog pre-amps and output drivers

-Complimentary True-Stereo inputs & outputs
-Left Input: Delay input with Dry pass-through
(Delay output on both Left and Right Outputs)
-Right Input: Dry pass-through only
43mS - 808mS delay time

-Choice & Damaged I tape modes

-Trailing repeats on bypass

-Simple and easy to use preset Save/Recall

-Optional expression control input
assignable on the fly to any control

-Optional Tap-tempo input

-Industry Standard 9VDC pedal-board
and daisy chain friendly power (<70mA draw)


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