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Music Nomad GRIP Guards - Premium Fretboard Guards MN225

Music Nomad GRIP Guards - Premium Fretboard Guards MN225

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Great for Polishing & Removing Wax

Safe On All Surfaces

Non-Hemmed Edge Will Not Scratch


Superior in Picking up Dust

Made Using High Quality Microfiber

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Product Story

MusicNomad's suede polishing cloth is made using a super soft, lint free construction and is the best way to clean your instrument. Our polish cloth is perfect for guitar care, fretboard care, string care, and any instrument care. We use high quality Microfiber, which is a revolutionary material containing 90,000 microfibers per square inch. Also, we use a non-hemmed edge to avoid scratching your prized instrument. We recommend this polishing cloth to be used with our Fretboard, Oil, Guitar Polish and Guitar Wax. 

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