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Nanolog Audio Orbital Fuzz

Nanolog Audio Orbital Fuzz

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Orbital Fuzz by Nanolog Audio


The Orbital Fuzz is ushering a new era of fuzz and tonal possibilities


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Orbital Fuzz by Nanolog Audio

The Frontier Of Fuzz

The Orbital Fuzz is ushering a new era of fuzz and tonal possibilities. Pedals made with silicon and germanium diodes cannot achieve the depth, warm, and reach that is possible with the Orbital Fuzz. This pedal pushes science to the limit and explores the frontiers of fuzz and distortion. It provides a new playing experience and goes outside the box like never before. Discover the true potential that 21st century technology provides, and explore the frontier of tone with the Orbital Fuzz. ​​

Out Of This World Tone

​Inspired by the iconic Big Muff Pi circuitry, this pedal is designed to unleash a crushing amount of fuzz for an out-of-this-world tone. The Orbital Fuzz houses four potential clipping pairings with two carbon N2 molecular junctions and two traditional silicon diodes. With the simple flick of a switch, this pedal allows you to explore a new frontier of tone with its carbon quantum tunneling options. The silicon & carbon settings can be paired together in series with two separate gain stages to create a vast array of fuzz tones.

Fully loaded with two Nanolog Devices, the Orbital Fuzz produces a heavy and thick fuzz driven by a process called quantum tunneling. Playing the Orbital Fuzz is a truly unique experience: its multiple clipping options combined with tone, gate, and fuzz control allows for a totally immersive experience. The carbon settings deliver an enhanced touch sensitivity that allows the player to dive deeper into the fuzz universe than ever possible before.​

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