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Salvation Audio Vivider

Salvation Audio Vivider

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Vivider Octave Divider by Salvation Audio


There is one Octaver that has been highly coveted by those who know its magic, and over-looked by those who misunderstood it.

You've heard it on diverse classics from the grungy riffery of Neil Young and Grateful Dead, to the pop-polish of Boston, to the unique guitar language of Jeff Beck, to the metallic mutated growls of Wolf Hoffmann of Accept.

It's the Vintage 1970's Mu-Tron Musitronics® Octave Divider and they've become all but extinct!

Until Now!

In a special cooperation with Wolf Hoffmann and Michael Wagener, we have faithfully cloned this very special pedal. Yes, you can sculpt the growling low octaves and ringing hi bell into your own unique magic with the Vivider, from the brilliant minds and wizardry of Salvation Mods.



Tech specs:

Input Impedance: 470K Ohm
Output Impedance: 6.8K Ohm
Current Draw: 156 mA (9V DC, no battery)


MIX: allows mix between DRY and OCTAVE DOWN mode
TONE: provides low pass filter
RINGER pot: RINGER is special feature (Dan Armstrong Green Ringer Circuit) of this pedal which adds nice vintage-flavoured OCTAVE-UP effect to your signal. Original MU-TRON unit has ON/OFF switch for RINGER option. Our pedal has pot for Ringer, so you have both ON and OFF options PLUS everything inbetween. Now you are able to set exact amount of RINGER effect in your sound. Maximum setting is the same as stock MU-TRON switch ON. Built-in RINGER provides fuzz tone in lower register and fuzz octave up in Higher register.
STAB on/off: unique stabilize circuit helps in tone tracking


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