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Dr Scientist The Elements

Dr Scientist The Elements

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The Elements by Dr Scientist 


The Elements is a dual-channel overdrive/distortion with a wide gain range and a full 3 band equalizer. To increase its versatility, we’ve added toggle switch options for clipping modes, bass cut frequencies, and midrange frequencies. Whether you’re looking for high gain metal distortion or a clean equalizer, The Elements can fulfill a role on any pedalboard. Like all Dr. Scientist pedals, the Elements can be used with guitar, bass, synths, and many other instruments.

Made in Canada.


The Elements by Dr. Scientist Sounds

Your guitar tone is like the elements of space after the big bang, floating through a vacuum in disharmony, their potential infinite but unrealized. Realize their potential and bring your tone into harmony with the Elements, a pedal that delivers overdrive, distortion and equalizer, and works with guitars, basses and electronic instruments. The Elements provides so much control over your tone, you'll think you're sitting at the control deck of a flying saucer, but its intuitive design means you won't need to check the manual every five minutes. Oriented toward high-gain tweakability, the Elements gives you the control you need while blasting a mean tone.

The Elements starts with the Cleanness, a simple op amp buffer and booster with active tone controls for bass, mids, and treble. A few things were added to this platform such as the option to limit the bass into the gain stage, three midrange frequency options, clipping diode options of LEDs, asymmetrical silicon/LED, or no diodes at all, and then the high gain mode puts a second gain stage into the circuit that the previous options all affect.


Operation:Mono input, mono output

Power Requirements:9VDC @ 50mA, 18VDC @ 100mA

Input/Output Impedance:500kΩ/1kΩ

Bypass:True bypass using soft touch switch and relay


Bass:+/-15dB peaking filter centred at 100Hz

Midrange:+/-15dB peaking filter, centre frequency chosen by Mid Freq toggle

Treble:+/-15dB peaking filter centred at 3kHz

Gain: Op-amp based, range from less than unity to very high saturation

Vol:Passive resistance to ground

Mix:Dry at 0, wet at full


Gain:Lower position is low gain mode (less than unity to medium overdrive), Upper position is high gain mode (medium overdrive to heavy saturation

Clip:Upper position is LED clipping diodes (2V threshold), Middle position is no clipping diodes, Lower position is asymmetrical clipping with Germanium diode and LED (.3V + 3V threshold)

Bass:Upper position is medium input bass cut, Middle position is no input bass cut, Lower position is heavy input bass cut

Mid Freq:Upper position sets midrange knob to 400Hz, Middle position is 1200Hz, Lower position is 800Hz

Expression Control:Controls Mix knob, TRS input, 50kΩ

Warranty:Limited Lifetime


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