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Tone Hungry Effects Fuzz Cream

Tone Hungry Effects Fuzz Cream

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Fuzz Cream by Tone Hungry Effects

The Fuzz Cream is a germanium Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face clone with a few twists introduced by Tone Hungry Effects after a lot of hard work and tinkering with the circuit. These new twists include a refined and tightened low end, to keep your sound from getting muddy. The treble response is also now clearer than before.

The bias knob is very significant on the Fuzz Cream, as it has a wide range, and as you go further clockwise you can get some gating effects on your fuzz tone and you can get some great glitching effects when playing in the right dynamic range in conjunction with where the knob is set. This is a sought after feature for those looking for the sounds associated with a dying battery in a pedal.

This is a fuzz pedal that is versatile and can find a home on pedalboards in all genres. It's hand made with high quality capacitors and resistors, as well as NOS texas instrument bc183 transistors that are carefully tested to achieve the best possible sound.

The Fuzz Cream features a custom galaxy black sparkle finish from Tone Hungry Effects!


Level - Controls the output level of the effect.
Fuzz - Controls the amount of fuzz.
Bias - Controls the bias, and can create glitchy/gating effects when used to the extreme.

The Fuzz Cream is true bypass.



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