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Astral Toneworx 666 The Beast

Astral Toneworx 666 The Beast

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666 The Beast Distortion

This high gain distortion captures the everlasting classic metal tones of 80's, particularly the NWOBHM era tones of early Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Saxon, Helloween and many more great bands of that golden era of metal music that influenced decades of great guitar tones and continue to do so to this day.
The Beast features familiar controls found on most distortion pedals, with the exception of the EQ knob, which controls the boost of mid range frequencies using a specialized EQ circuit.

With EQ knob at 0, the signal is unaffected by the EQ circuit, and is ideal for heavy saturated juicy riffs and chugging rhythms. As you start turning the EQ knob clockwise, mid range frequencies get a significant boost. At noon, its pretty much like a cocked Wah running into a heavily driven amp, great for those screaming lead solos. As you turn the EQ knob past noon, the effect gets even more aggressive with a noticeable noise gate effect, great for high gain shred lead parts or even heavily gated riffs.

This pedal is quite The Beast when it comes to high gain. Gain knob below noon is usually enough for some serious chugging rhythms and screaming leads. But if you are the type that prefers face melting gain that annihilates everything in its path, you can turn the gain past noon to achieve that sinister goal. 

It runs on standard 9V pedal power supplies.

All Astral Toneworx pedals are fully handmade in the Canadian Rockies and available in limited quantities.


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