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Chicken Picks LIGHT (2.2 mm)

Chicken Picks LIGHT (2.2 mm)

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LIGHT by Chicken Picks

The LIGHT is our standard (351 model) shaped guitar pick


LIGHT by Chicken Picks

The LIGHT model is our standard (351 model) shaped guitar pick.

Available in 2 gauges: 2.2mm (called the LIGHT) and 2.6mm (called the REGULAR).

Both have a rounded tip and beveled sides (all around).

ChickenPicks guitar picks are free from child labor and made in Belgium and Germany.

They are hand finished and packed with love by people in sheltered employment in The Netherlands.

Why ChickenPicks guitar picks…??

The SOUND is much more SOLID because these picks have more MASS. 
Not those plinky thin-, annoying- and unwanted clacky overtones, but a more pronounced loud-, clear- and BRIGHT tone with lots of BOTTOM-END.

Your guitar never sounded so full and you never played fast and picked accurately that easy.

The thickness of the body, coupled with the texture of these picks make it very easy to hold while at the same time, avoiding the need to grip too firmly.

The thermosetting plastic is very rigid (not bending at all), eliminating any pick drag thereby allowing YOU to control YOUR sound.

The material also helps avoiding chipped edges, and ensuring months, if not years, of uninhibited, uninterrupted playability.
Due to the material and beveled edges ChickenPicks guitar picks are very adaptive to pinch harmonics, which have never been easier to create.
The beveled edges allow the pick to glide on and off the strings effortlessly making it easier to play (as compared to a conventional thick- or heavy pick.

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