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Darkglass Electronics Tone Capsule

Darkglass Electronics Tone Capsule

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Darkglass Electronics Tone Capsule Onboard Bass Preamp



The Tone Capsule is a new, unusual take on onboard preamplifiers. It’s designed to respect your instrument’s natural character while expanding exponentially the tonal possibilities.




+-12dB @70Hz (potentiometer included).


+-12dB @500Hz (potentiometer included).

Hi Mids

+-12dB 2.8kHz (potentiometer included).

Technical Specifications

Input Impedance: 500k
Output Impedance: 1k
Current Consumption: ~2.4mA

9V-18V operation

The Tone Capsule can function with either one or two batteries in series for 9V or 18V operation respectively (battery clips not included).


Width: 42 mm / 1,65″
Length: 25 mm / 1″
Height: 12,5 mm / 0,5″
Cable length: ~10cm / 4″
Pots: 50 KB

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