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KMMK Plug SPS5 Plugs (Black)

KMMK Plug SPS5 Plugs (Black)

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Color: Black


SquarePlug SPS5 is the shortest 1/4" soldered plug with strain relief on the market today.  It protrudes by only 21mm when plugged in and has an outer diameter of just under 14mm.  The SPS5 fits on any controller/patch bay/switching system/interface and features a unique 2-screw cable holding mechanism.  The screws hold the cable in place, preventing any tension on the solder joints.

Tests have been carried out on a number of cables with soft to more harder outer jackets with excellent results.  You can safely hold the cable and pull it from whatever socket it's plugged in with minimal risk of harming the cable or the solder joints.

The PERFECT plug for use in tight spaces!


  • Ultra-small body
  • Solder terminals for both hot and ground
  • Built-in strain relief
  • Main insulator is a high grade poly-carbonate (more durable and heat resistant than the plastic, nylon, or fiberglass used by other manufacturers)
  • Insulation sheet provided to prevent shorts to the body


These require cable that is 4.8mm-5.8mm in diameter.


WARNING: Do NOT over-tighten the strain relief screws.  It is normal for them to stick out a bit.  Those screws should only be snug against the wire to assist with strain relief, not screwed in all the way.  Over-tightening them may destroy your cable.


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