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Leprechaun FX Paddy Whacker Distortion (#23)

Leprechaun FX Paddy Whacker Distortion (#23)

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Paddy Whacker Distortion 

The Paddy Whacker Distortion pedal is a collaborative project between Leprechaun FX and Dr Scientist Sounds.

The distortion circuit is designed by Ryan and Neil at Dr Scientist Sounds.  The Enclosures are individually hand painted and assembled by Patrick, in-house, at Leprechaun FX in Edmonton, Alberta.

The Paddy Whacker is a high gain, in your face, rock n roll machine. Using the combination of mix, contour and gain controls, this pedal will give you tones ranging from dirty muddy overdrive to power-chord distortion to searing & spitting fuzz-like destruction.

Each LFX pedal is custom painted using the swirl dipping technique. Not only do they look wicked, no two boxes are the same due to the randomness of dipping. Imperfections in the finish are things we consider acceptable - meaning we liked the outcome, including any potential “flaws”.



Turn it clockwise to increase your level of distortion.


Turn it clockwise to get loud. Please note that at max volume it can create undesirable and damaging noise.


This is your tone control. Start at noon. Turn counter-clockwise for more bass. Turn it clockwise for treble.


This controls your wet/dry guitar signal.


This pedal requires standard 9-18V DC Center Negative power and measures 2.6"x4.8"x1.6"


This covers the functionality of the pedal. If it stops working under normal circumstances, we will fix it.

Wear and tear is not covered. These are hand finished Pedals and therefore the paint is not as durable as something powder coated. If you scratch it, embrace it. All good gear should have a battle scar or two!

Abuse and physical damage are not covered.






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