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Leprechaun FX Volume Knob (Multi Color)

Leprechaun FX Volume Knob (Multi Color)

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Tap Tempo by Leprechaun FX

The LFX  Volume Knob is one of our house-built utility pedals. 

Use “The Knob” as a passive attenuator with amps that only have one volume control.  Simply hook it through your loop, or anywhere you choose, and use it to dial in the right level  

 Each LFX pedal is custom painted using the swirl dipping technique. Not only do they look wicked, no two boxes are the same due to the randomness of dipping. Custom colors are available upon request.  

- Neutrik Jack
- Custom swirl dipped finish makes each pedal 100% unique
- Small enclosure size: 100mm [3.94"] x 45mm [1.77"] x 35 mm [1.38"] 








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