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PETTYJOHN Gold (Foundry Series)

PETTYJOHN Gold (Foundry Series)

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GOLD - Foundry Series by PETTYJOHN Electronics


*** THIS PEDAL IS BRAND NEW.  It’s been in our display cabinet, unplayed. It was discontinued long ago, so you will not find another new. 



The start of “Whole Lotta Love”. The growling gain of Jimi’s “All Along the Watchtower”. That “golden British” tone we would all kill for. The GOLD is aptly named for the tone it provides… Plexi-licious. High Fidelity Auri-cap for the ultimate in transparency. Dubbed by some as the “cleanest distortion on the market”.


9V Operation – Dive inside the box and flip the mini toggle to engage the Orange Drop cap for extra vintage goodness. In front of dirt, after compression, in the middle of your gain. Stacks well or stands out all on its own.


18V Operation – Turn your Fender into a Marshall. Stop bringing two amps to a gig. The channel two of your dreams. Auri-Cap or Orange Drop, you can’t go wrong. With 20hz-20khz of frequency range the GOLD is a perfect always-on rock/blues preamp.


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