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Third Man Hardware x Triple Threat Donner Effects Pedal

Third Man Hardware x Triple Threat Donner Effects Pedal

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Triple Threat starts with a wide-range high gain distortion, with volume, gain, and tone controls to create a threatening rock sound. A classic phaser upgraded from the Pearl Tremor pedal by Donner is next with extended mod controls. Third in line is an analog voiced echo, originated from Donner’s first ever pedal, the Yellow Fall Delay released in 2013,  with warm analog tone and rich feedback. 

With upgraded circuit design and tuning the tone to Jack’s specifications, Donner combined three analog circuits into one metal enclosure, delivering unique analog sounds and versatile utility for musicians on the go. Third Man Hardware designed the external appearance of The Triple Threat, adding its signature patterns such as lightning bolts from the Tesla tower on the panel, three sharp stripes in front and  the signature diagrams from Third Man Hardware’s logo on both sides of the pedal. 

Main Features

3-in-1 analog effect pedal




FOOTSWITCHES toggle effects on (yellow LED indicates on)

Bypass: Buffered bypass

Power Supply: 9 volts DC (Adapter included)



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