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Tone Hungry Effects Treble Master

Tone Hungry Effects Treble Master

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Treble Master by Tone Hungry Effects

The Treble Master is based on the old Dallas Rangemaster Germanium Treble Booster, used by such artists as Eric Clapton, Tony Iommi, and Brian May. The Treble Master features an added tone knob (Shade), as well as using only high quality capacitors, resistors, and NOS MP38A transistors that are carefully tested to achieve the best sound possible.


Think of the Treble Master as a tone enhancer, that can be used in a wide variety of ways. You can use it as a standard treble booster to give you unique overdriven tones with clarity and bite, or you can use it much like a standard boost to drive your signal a little more without necessarily emphasizing the highs by adjusting the Shade knob.

For this style of pedal, there is actually quite a wide variety of tones, especially tones for vintage-tone lovers. If you want a way to add some clarity and bite to your overdriven tone, then seriously consider the Treble Master.

The Treble Master features the new raw acid etched aluminum finish from Tone Hungry Effects!


Shade - Tone knob, which takes you through classic treble boost, full range boost, and also full bass boost.
Boost - The amount of boost applied to the range selected by the Shade knob.

The Treble Master is true bypass.


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